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We love Charlotte. We love soccer. We are confident there is a solution that will bring Major League Soccer to Charlotte and are working hard to make this happen. To win an expansion club, we need a strong public-private partnership to demonstrate Charlotte’s enthusiasm for the sport and league. We remain convinced that Major League Soccer would bring jobs, entertainment and economic benefits that will add to the region’s vitality.

Join the Movement

The pitch to bring Major League Soccer to Charlotte is powered by the tens of thousands of sports fans and countless community members it will benefit. But most importantly, it’s powered by you.

The game is not over but the clock is ticking and we need you to join the movement.

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Other ways to support

Contact your local representative

Charlotte will not win a Major League Soccer franchise without public support for a soccer-specific stadium. Now is the time to let elected officials know that bringing a Major League Soccer team to Charlotte is something their constituents care about.

All it takes is a short message to your representatives telling them why you want a club here.

  • Charlotte City Council Members
  • Board of County Commisioners
District 1 Larken Egleston
District 2 Justin Harlow
District 3 LaWana Mayfield
District 4 Gregory A. Phipps
District 5 Matt Newton
District 6 Tariq Bokhari
District 7 Edmund H. Driggs
Council Member at Large James Mitchell Jr.
Council Member at Large Julie Eiselt
Council Member at Large Braxton Winston, II
Council Member at Large Dimple Ajmera
Mayor Mayor Vi Alexander Lyles

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MLS In Charlotte

Bringing Major League Soccer to Charlotte is about making Charlotte a better place to live.  The dream is powered by our voices, our cheers, our passion.  A new club gives all of Charlotte something to celebrate together. It’s about more than the legacy of our city. This is about bringing Charlotte together to work toward a common goal. At the highest level of competition, each of us has a contribution to make.

The Stadium

An uptown accessible stadium is required for Charlotte to win an MLS club. We are continuing to evaluate sites, financing and partnership options to find a plan that works. Not only will it host MLS club games, it’ll be home to women’s and men’s college soccer, U.S. National team games, a variety of music and entertainment events and more.

Join the Movement

The Community

In bringing MLS to Charlotte, we’re committed to building a club that benefits the community and partners with workforce development and work-based learning programs to create much needed employment opportunities.

A community-focused foundation will also ensure that soccer in Charlotte benefits the members of our community who need it most: low-income children.

Join the Movement

MLS WORKS, the league's community outreach initiative, helps improve the lives of people from all walks of life.

The Facts

Major Leagues Soccer is in the process of awarding three remaining expansion franchises. Charlotte is competing with 11 other expansion cities

Charlotte is competing with Cincinnatti, Detroit, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, St. Louis, and Tampa for three remaining expansion franchises.

Major League Soccer has publicly stated there are no plans for expansion beyond the remaining three franchises.

Bringing another major league sport to Charlotte will build our reputation as a global city.

The majority of Major League Soccer’s audience aligns with Charlotte’s fastest growing segments: young adults and Hispanics.

Charlotte’s bid is supported by civic and business leaders who understand the value Major League Soccer can bring to Charlotte.

Major League Soccer viewership, attendance, social media followers, and media coverage are surging worldwide.

A stadium will complement Charlotte’s existing facilities and host a wide variety events that drive additional economic impact like the NCAA Women’s and Men’s Soccer Tournaments.

Charlotte is the top U.S. city for millennial/young-adult population growth. (Apartment List, 2016)

Charlotte is the 8th most moved-to city by millennials. (Mayflower, April 2016)

Charlotte was named the "#2 Best City for Recent College Graduates." (2015